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We have a range of coffee equipment and accessories available and we are ready to source items at your request. These include Hario Grinders, Frieling (ex SwissGold) filters, Hario Filters, Chemex and other great coffee equipment.

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Hario Drip Scales

Precise scales for measuring both time and weight while preparing that perfect cup. Maximum weight 2kg

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Buono Kettle

An elegant goose neck kettle to allow controlled water distribution for filter brews.

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Chemex – 3 Cup

With a leather-tied woodneck grip to save your fingers, this crafted glassware with a paper filter is an elegant bench top tool for that nice, clean cup of coffee.

3 Cup Chemex

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Frieling Gold Filter

This filter method is designed to produce consistent extraction through the unique use of gold in the filter. A simple yet effective way to brew coffee while ensuring that minimal coffee residue is left in the filter and all the important flavours are in your cup. Replaces the popular Swiss Gold (now out of production).

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Hario Pour Over V60

These 1 and 2 cup filters are perfect, efficient ways to produce great coffee. We recommend purchasing lighter roasted beans for this method and we are happy to roast on request.

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Hario Server

360ml Glass Server for the V60 Hario Pour Over

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