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Roasted Beans

We roast several times a week because we want to give you exactly what you want in the best possible way we can. Our fluid approach means we can give personalised options while ensuring our established blends are well looked after too.

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Elegance Blend

ORIGIN: Brazil, Guatemala & Sumatra

REGION: Paracatu, Candelaria, & Dolok


PROCESSING: Natural & Fully washed

TASTING NOTES: A succulent blueberry, smooth mouthfeel and a hint of lemony acidity. Pleasant dark chocolate finish.

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Try our beautiful organic coffee beans, roasted here at Merito.


REGION: Amajaro

TASTING NOTES: Organic coffee beans are nutty and offer round sweetness, with a pleasant fruity finish. Medium Acidity.

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ORIGIN: Colombia

PROCESSING: Swisswater Process

TASTING NOTES: These decaffeinated coffee beans offer a delicate bouquet of aniseed and malt, finished with a fresh acidity.


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El Salvador San Emilio

This is a 100% bourbon coffee grown on the steep slopes of a volcano in El Salvador between 1100m and 1400m above sea level.

ORIGIN: El Salvador

REGION: San Emelio

PROCESSING: Pulped Natural

TASTING NOTES: A lingering lime taste throughout to more subtle almond flavours with a very pleasant honey-sweet finish

Roasted lighter than our blends to present the more distinguishable flavours, especially when brewed through filter.

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Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Kochere

ORIGIN: Ethiopia

REGION: Kochere

VARIETALS: Ethiopian Heirloom

PROCESSING: Wet milled, sun-dried

TASTING NOTES: Hibiscus, Black Tea, Bergamont and Red Berry

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Nicaragua La Florencia

ORIGIN: Nicaragua

REGION: La FLorencia

PROCESSING: Fully washed

TASTING NOTES: Bright, raspberry, citric notes of mandarin and lime. Dry white wine, good fruity punch

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