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We are often asked to explain the differences in common coffee drinks here in New Zealand so we have created this little snippet below to help – this is based on the espresso brew method as opposed to filter and others. Feel free to fire us an email if you have any further questions.

Single vs Double Shot

There are different extraction methods of espresso and also varying shot sizes. A traditional espresso shot is either served as a single 30ml shot or a double 60ml – variations occur based on length of shot in both time and volume. A Ristretto shot, meaning “restricted”, can be served in a variety of ways but is commonly seen as a shorter volume over a proportionality longer period. For example, at Merito we like to pull approximately 20ml single shots over about 20-25 seconds and 40ml double shots for about 35-40seconds.


The construct for all common espresso-based coffees is this elegant little drink. The espresso allows an uninhibited evaluation of everything going on in this brew method. Served in a 90ml cup either single or double shot. That’s it.

Coffee Auckland Merito Espresso

Long Black

Typically, we like to serve our long black with just 15mls of hot water in the bottom, topped with a double shot of espresso In a 140ml cup. Serve hot water on the side for one to adjust to taste.

Long Black Coffee Auckland Merito

Short / Long Macchiato

The addition of milk can soften some of the bitter notes to coffee and highlight sweeter notes too. A macchiato is an espresso served double or single. A short machiatto is served without hot water whereas with a long macchiato we would encourage adding 5-10ml of hotwater to the base of a double shot. To this we add foamed, heated milk, approxiatemtly ¼ the volume of the espresso base while encouraging the foamier milk to come through.

Coffee Auckland Merito Macchiato

Flat White

Utilising the single or double espresso shot as a base we now add heated, textured milk to a 150 -180ml cup, looking for 3-6mm in foam depth on top.

Coffee Auckland Merito Flat White


In a similar vein to the flat white, a cappuccino differs mostly in foam depth, traditionally about 10mm deep. Depending on taste a cappuccino can be topped with chocolate.

Coffee Auckland Merito Cappuccino


Known as a milky drink, a latte is typically a double shot of espresso with the addition of heated, textured milk, served in a 220-300ml vessel depending on taste. The depth of foam is about 10mm.

Coffee Auckland Merito Latte


Chocolate is well paired in flavour to coffee and hence the inception of the mochaccino. Poured as a latte but with the addition of chocolate, either by adding powder to your milk or approximately 30ml of chocolate syrup to the beverage.

Coffee Auckland Merito Mochaccino

Whatever your preferred appreciation of coffee is, enjoy.


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